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TF1 is back, All the TF1 group channels are now available to tune in

After the dispute with Canalplus, the TF1 group of channels can now be tuned in on TNT boxes and FTA(free to air) boxes on Astra 1.

I received this information, without explanation on 17th Oct and the details are now confirmed, I am able to tune in my FTA box (Technomate) and receive TF1 channels without a card here in England. The website also shows the new frequency on Astra 1, and lists all the TF1 group channels: TF1, TF1 series Films, TMC, TFX and LCI as ‘clear’ (of encryption) .

Details of the New TP (frequency)

The TF1 channels are on a new frequency, so tuning is necessary to receive the channels on your box

  • Polarity Vertical
  • TP 11376 MHz
  • Symbol Rate 22000

How to tune in

Strong, Thomson Menu 》Installation 》Installation manuelle 》Choisir le Transpondeur 11376/V/22000 》scan TP (touche verte)Les chaînes de TF1 se trouvent en fin de liste principale
SagemMenu 》Installation 》OK 》Recherche de chaines 》Installation par transpondeur 》 Modifier la fréquence et saisir 11376, entrer 22000 pour le débit symbole et modifier la modulation en DVBS2 》OK Les chaînes de TF1 se trouvent à la fin de la liste principale
CahorsMenu 》Installation 》Manuelle 》Choisir TP 11376 V 22000 》Scan bouquet (touche rouge)Les chaînes de TF1 se trouvent en fin de liste principale

Whether this is a permanent or temporary fix, is unknown, I will post any further info here as I receive it.

App – MyTF1.

For anyone unable to tune their TNT box, there is a free App called MyTF1, which is currently showing all the TF1 group channels free.

Streaming Website –

For €2.99 / month you can stream all the TF1 group channels directly on the website. Currently 1 month free.