Installing French satellite tv in the Uk
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Andrew: Mr French channels!

Andrew here !

Satellite enthusiast , blogger, electronics whizz and frequent visitor to France over the years – I have been lucky enough to have a small business for over 31 years now dealing with my favourite things. Since foreign satellite first broadcast over the Uk, I just had to have a look at what was happening over ‘le manche’ (the English Channel)

If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask, I always have my mobile on me 07756 482 669 ( but I am frequently up a ladder working! ) so if you need anything detailed please email me

3 Responses to Andrew: Mr French channels!

  • Colin Llewelyn says:

    Hi Andrew
    I have Fransat on a Diva Easy HD box.
    Is there a way to receive a 7 day EPG.? I only get now/next. Something similar perhaps like the method on Freesat… tuning to a specific radio channel EPG and waiting 2 mins…..

  • David Barrett says:

    I’m interested in accessing french channels from Sheffield. What’s the best way to go about it?
    Also, my Dad has a disk lined up to receive fransat channels, but hasn’t yet connected it up. Where could he buy a box from to do so?
    Many thanks.

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