Installing French satellite tv in the Uk


Updated Jan 2024

There are many iptv packages out there , some ok, some very poor quality and some downright illegal !   So watch out

My suppliers for the last 11 years have supplied only genuine and approved products , so you can have confidence that it will work and downtime is reduced to absolute minimum. 

The package contains all the usual channels which have been available via the more usual satellite tv route and include the favourites:  TF1, France 2,3,4,5,o and Arte

The Medialink is a proven iptv provider, with Stalker support. New H265 protocol reduces the bandwidth required to give excellent quality video streaming.  The box works with WiFi or Ethernet.

Review of the Medialink and Customer feedback

The Medialink has been available now for some time for the Spanish channels and now has been expanded with a package to cover the French TNT channels. Despite the Spanish server being flooded a few weeks ago, they quickly replaced the whole damaged system and had it running again in just a few days – remarkable. 

Iptv is still relatively new, providers at the low end , catering for relatively small audiences , giving the usual channels but without the fancy software , distribution systems and big budgets of major players like Sky and Canal+, are appearing and are giving quite a good service at a very low price. 

Logging in and activation. This is a manual but simple process, much improved  from the first few weeks. Systems are now in place and distributors are able to activate new subscriptions easily, although it is limited to business hours. When you receive your ip box simply photograph the label on the box with your phone and email it to me, I just need the MAC address to activate your subscription.

My own customers have seen the rough beginnings but now a more polished experience from the providers and I try to give what information that is available out straight away, if there is a problem. I think the service is now very good and I am sure that 99.9% of customers agree.

IPTV France: 

The package ( iptv box and 12 months subscription ) is available for just


To order just message me using the contact form

Currently the renewal price is just £70 for another years  viewing.

There is no ‘Installation’ required, you simply plug it into the power, router (or WiFi) and HDMI lead to the TV. 

There is a scart socket for older tvs too. 

Contact me when its all ready and I will activate your subscription. 


It is essential that you thoroughly test your internet connection for speed. 

DO NOT just take your providers speed figures as given, as these are maximum data rates, which are only available when there is no contention – no other users online. The speed available changes through the day usually worst at the time the younger users return home from school. 

So – test it when you will be normally able to watch tv. 

Speed test services are easily found on Google, for example Use this over several days  to get a full idea of the average speed. 

IPTV distributors will not refund subscriptions once activated for this reason it is essential to test properly. Should the box fail, there is a full 12 month guarantee.