Installing French satellite tv in the Uk

Multi-room French TV with Central Recording

On my travels, I come across many all-French families in the UK. For  these people a single TNT or Fransat box, may be a bit limiting. 

I can now offer multi room Fransat complete with a network drive. Whats the advantage of a NAS drive? You can record from one room and the recording can be available to play back in any room.

NAS or Network Drives can be large or small but basically act as the recording media for 1,2,3 or more satellite receivers. 

Once installed it can also be a central ‘repository’ for files from your computer too. Both MAC and PC can use these very useful items. Your home network will act as a fully fledged data centre!  At the very least its somewhere to put your backups safely.

For our purpose, with two Fransat receivers or maybe three, I chose a 2 Tb model by Buffalo, which has been around for a good while. The price was around £100. If  you are unsure of your needs recording wise you could opt to purchase  one with 2 bays and 1 drive already fitted, leaving room for expansion later. 

In round numbers a hour of HD recording will  need about 1Gb of space.

Connection to the home network can be with cable ( ethernet )  or by WiFi. 

Receivers for multi room

The receivers I’ll be setting up with the NAS are the well made Technisat Receivers, there are a  few models available and all  are capable of true compatibility with the Fransat modules

This is the latest model the Digiplus which is UHD 4k capable