Installing French satellite tv in the Uk

New Visiosat satellite receiver

New VisioSat TNT 7600 model

For those whose main interest is French, but would also like to view other broadcasts from continental Europe. The 7600 from Visiosat is multi satellite capable and can tune in free channels from Germany, Italy, Spain as well as France

With a dish installed with 2 LNBs , viewers in most of the Uk can now use this box for the main TNT channels. It has a standard Eutelsat DISEQC system, that we can use to make the receiver choose the correct satellite automatically when changing channel.

As well as Italian, German, Spanish, and even Russian and Polish free channels!

The TNT 7600 has a very simple to program Favourite group system, one easy way to separate channels using this , is to save by Language. There are sufficient groups to save Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish and Uk channels in separate groups.

With a 2 LNB dish, you can expect over 800 free to watch channels in total, from all the countries broadcasting in Europe and the Middle East.

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