Installing French satellite tv in the Uk

Russian Channel to Launch RT France in December 2017

RT , originally Russia Today, is to launch its French service , based in Boulogne Billancourt just outside Paris, as a satellite and terrestrial channel this coming month.  The service is Mpeg4 ( HD )

Update: RT frequency on the Astra 1 (TNT) satellite : 11376 s/r 22000 , the  English HD and Spanish HD services from RT are on the same frequency. All channels FTA free to air

On the Eutelsat ( Fransat) Satellite frequency is 11595 s/r 29950 HD  it is also FTA.

RT will no doubt be providing their usual “interesting mix” and Russian slant on French Affairs on the new channel. Xenia Fedorova the President of RT France commented: “France is a country with a storied legacy of respect for the freedom of expression and embrace of new ideas. We have created a platform dedicated to profiling the widest range of opinions in France and beyond”

Certainly Mr Macron, outspoken critic of RT during his election campaign will have more to say on RTs reporting, especially on the RT website…. keep watching!

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