Installing French satellite tv in the Uk

TNT sat and FranSat card validity

Viewing the set top box suppliers websites it is not immediately clear how long the encryption cards supplied with TNT and FranSat boxes will last. So I took a look at the TNTsat and FranSat websites to get to the facts:

The FranSat cards do not have a limit. Simple!

The TNT cards are initially guaranteed for 4 years. The broadcaster will turn on a reminder screen about 3 months before the card expires.  French residents  can update their cards for 15Euro on the website , for Uk residents I can provide the update or new card for £25. Email with your current card number  –  The new cards will be valid for a further 4 years.

The reason given for the approach that TNT have taken is that the programmes broadcasters only have rights within French territory , wheras the satellites used to broadcast the programmes, can be received throughout Europe.

10 Responses to TNT sat and FranSat card validity

    • Andrew says:

      Hi Robert
      Please use the contact form, I can order it for you. Send me the number on the current card.

  • chris wedgwood says:

    Hi, I live in france, and need a Fransat card, but I can’t find out how to buy the card alone. I don’t need a decoder as I have a smart tv.

    Can you help?

  • Patricia McAteer says:

    I have been watching Tntsat successfully until today.My screen is grey and the decoder is not responding to the remote control. Do I need a new card? I started using the current one in July 2013, so the 4 years is not yet up. Or is this a more serious problem? My decoder is HD Humax TN500. Any suggestions gratefully received.

    • Andrew says:

      Unlikely to be the card, you would see the dialogue ” Card expired ”
      It is probably the power unit, inside the TN5000, if you pack it well and send it to me I’ll see if its repairable

  • Gwen Brunskill says:

    I think I need to renew my tnt sat card. Can you do this for me? What would it cost?

    Many thanks


    • Andrew says:

      Hi Gwen,
      If you have relatives or friends in France, this is by far the cheapest way. Direct from TNT @ 15 euro.
      Best I can do currently is 46.60 gbp.

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