Installing French satellite tv in the Uk

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Flat Dwellers use Human Rights Dish Ruling

As has been reported in the national papers, people refused permission to install satellite dishes because they live in flats or similar accommodation, have new hope now because of the human rights declaration in the EU. In a new document “Human Rights at Home” published by the ECHR European Court of Human Rights, the judgement states that there will be grounds to sue Landlords if they try to stop tenants erecting satellite dishes.

Read the full document here

Free TF1 and M6 !!!

The Major French channels TF1, M6 W9 and M6HD are broadcast to Switzerland on the Eurobird9 satellite FREE! FTA (Free to Air) viewers can contact me for dish modifications and receiver re programming to be able to add these channels to the current list of free channels from Astra 1 and Hotbird. Viewers using the Atlantic bird satellite for the other main French channels France2, 3, 5 and o can also have modifications to include the TF1 etc from Eurobird


TF1 is no longer on the Eurobird 9 ( now renamed Eutelsat 9a ) but 6Ter has been added. Currently the only way to get TF1 ( plus TFX and TF film series ) is through a TNT or Fransat set top box.