Installing French satellite tv in the Uk

Strong TNT & Fransat Receivers

These very popular TNT and Fransat HD models – SRT7404 and SRT7405 ( also available under generic named products ) are well  priced and have quite good menu systems. You can change to English menu language if required. 

First time installation is always “Quick Install” the  others are only allowed after this basic Install is done. By the way the card must  be inserted to do this . The main French channels are tuned and ordered in the usual way – expected in France.

After this is complete , you may do a further search for channels on a different ( or for example German which is on the same satellite as  TNT ) satellite. 

You  can group channels as you like, with a  few of your favourites, for example children’s channels. This is easy to do and can be recalled with the FAV key.

I have received a lot of emails with various symptoms on the Strong boxes both for Fransat and TNT.  Almost all are due to partially corrupted data, which can occur for lots of reasons like electrical interference or static discharge…. and they are nearly always cleared by doing a factory reset.  The number one cause is a loose power adaptor – do not use shaver adaptors! The pins on a French plug are thinner and they can spark if loose. ASDA sell the proper adaptor for Euro plugs and they are £3.50 for 2, so no excuses.

How to do a Factory Reset

  1. Appuyez sur la touche Menu puis sélectionnez “Avancé” avec la flèche du bas de votre télécommande ( Press MENU & Select ADVANCED ) 
  2. Appuyez sur OK puis sélectionnez “Réglage Usine” avec la flèche du bas ( Choose FACTORY RESET ) 
  3. Entrez le code 2004 et laissez le récepteur redémarrer (Enter the code 2004 and allow the receiver to reboot )