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Installing French satellite tv in the Uk

Fransat Card Updates 2019

All Fransat Customers...

Please check your Fransat Card now!  If you have the latest card PC6 no action is required.  If you have the PC5 Card you need to update to the latest version PC6 before 15th April or you will not be able to view your Fransat channels.

The reason for the update is to bring all decoders up to date with the latest Viaccess Secure encryption type VO (Orca). After 15th April support for the old encryption “viaccess” will be switched off.

The serial numbers of the cards that need to be changed are between

333 53 XX XXX  and 333 58 XX XXX.    ( X is any number )

The cards expiring clearly state the issue PC5   also the old encryption type “Viaccess” , is now updated with “VO  or Viaccess Orca” encryption, on the PC6 cards , which has been better able to stop the card hackers.

It looks like Fransat have decided to go for the same 4 year model as TNT , so in future all cards will need to be renewed on a 4 year basis. 

Cards will be available from us, drop me an email at

or via our contact form on

RMC Sports Now on Fransat

RMC is now live  on Fransat, easy to activate and no contract. 

You can buy just one  month, try it out and purchase 1,3 or 12 months if you like it.  Super Sports bundle, English Premier League, Champions League, French Ligue, Bundesliga, Formula One, tennis………. 

French Channels Available in the UK

Welcome to french   If you would like to see whats happening at home in France, I can supply and fit TNT, Fransat, BIS and Canal+ equipment, anywhere in England Wales or Scotland

Fransat and TNT are the most popular French services , now easily available in great quality HD over satellite. No buffering problems like iptv, always available and not a huge dish.

In fact , if you already have Sky uk or Freesat, the French TNT service can be added so that both are on the same dish. See One Dish Post

Aston Maya gets new Multistream tuners

Yesterday  I installed the latest version of the twin  tuner Fransat box from Aston – the Maya twin connect.  Surprise surprise ! The new box has the multistream  tuners fitted and the Italian channels  from Eutelsat came through just  fine. I did the quick tune procedure straight out of the box and the Italian channels were  available in the  bouquet list.

  • Fransat HD
  • BIS
  • Italia

Channels include 

Rai 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Rai Sport, Rai Scuola, Rai Storia
Rai Gulp, Rai Yoyo, Rai Premium
Rai News, Rai 3 regional channels
Rete 4, Canale 5 and many more….


For a complete list of the Italian  multistream channels, broadcast without encryption –

TV5 Monde and Subtitles

TV5 Monde has undergone many recent changes. I am frequently asked about the subtitles available, now that Sky and Virgin no longer supply these popular channels. TV5 monde Europe and TV5 monde France Belgique Suisse ARE available on other satellites quite easily.  Here is my guide to whats on each satellite:

HD /SD High Def/Standard Def.  subtitles are either the usual DVB type or the older Teletext block characters marked TXT

Astra 1 (19.2east)

Tuning 11538 V 22000 SD free to air

DVB Subs French, English, German, Spanish, Russian, Romanian

TXT subs French, English

Tuning : 12129  V  DVB-S2 8PSK 29700 HD free to air

DVB Subs: French only

Hotbird (13east)

Tuning: 11137H 27500 sd free to air

DVB Subs French, English, German, Spanish, Russian, Romanian

TXT subs French, English

Eutelsat (9 east)

Tuning : 12092 H dVB-S2 8PSK 27500  free to air

DVB French only

Eutelsat (5 west) FRANSAT

Tuning : 10971 V DVB-S2 8PSK 29950  Fransat encrypted

DVB French only

Hellas 3 (39 east)

Tuning: 12241 H DVB-S2 QPSK 13381  HD free to air

No Subtitles

Tuning: 12688  V   DVB-S QPSK 30000 Encrypted (Dolce) Romania

DVB Subs Romanian only

Spending Cuts mean an end to France Ô and France 4


Economies of 190 million Euros by the end of 2022 have been set for French Public broadcasting. The cuts, fall mainly on France Televisions (160 million Euro) The first victims will be The Overseas Channel France Ô currently on Channel 27 and France 4 which will be removed from the TNT line up, during 2019.

Younger viewers are moving to online video and web based entertainment, the focus groups report , headed by The Minister of Culture Françoise Nyssen who presented the plan back in July this year, its first tracks to reform the public broadcasting, including the strengthening of regional programs or the switchover of France 4 into an all digital format.

The Overseas France Ô channels programming will be concentrated on the other main channels and France Televisions will maintain a budget of 10 million Euros for their overseas co- productions


Sky and Virgin to Cease TV5 monde and French News

Bad news for most UK viewers, used to having France 24 news ( in French) .

Sky has stopped broadcasting the French language version of France 24  although the English version is still on.

From the France 24 website:

So from next year 2019 it will only be on OTT ( iptv ) so unless you have a suitable  (Vision)  Android box or smart  tv it won’t be available for you.

Also TV5 monde – Sky channel 717, ended 30th November 2018

and Virgin will stop in January.

Extract  from Sky Forum 30thNov2018:


Why tv5 monde has disappeared ? No access anymore to channel 717 (french channel tv5 monde), All my scheduled recording from this  channel have disappeared as well. Now we have message “channel unavailable”,

Does it mean we don t have this channel anymore ?

Thanks to let me know

The solution – easy, I can supply and fit a Free-to-Air satellite system  that receive both TV5monde and France24 in French OR Fransat, TNT to receiver ALL the main French channels TF1, France 2,3,4,5,M6,Arte……etc

French And English Satellite tv on ONE dish

A question often asked is “I have Sky UK and I would like French tv but I would prefer just one dish ( or I am not allowed more than one dish )

Well if you go for TNT the service from Astra 1 satellite, then its easy, even if your Sky service is the latest SkyQ , I can provide a dish that does both.

Original Sky Dish ( Sky, Sky+ , or SkyQ )

Original Sky Dish ( Sky, Sky+ , or SkyQ )

Replacement dish for UK ( Sky or Freesat ) AND TNT France

Replacement dish for UK ( Sky or Freesat ) AND TNT France

To order or Inquire, please use the Quote Button in the sidebar and mention “one dish” in the comments/requirements box

Humax TN5000 TNT problem solved

This ONLY applies to customers having the popular TNT Humax model, TN5000HD.
Usually TNT boxes are updated over the satellite without issue, but this time the changes to the card required the Humax team to prepare a special update. The following message on their site explains…
Chère cliente, Cher client,
Suite à une mise à jour vous avez perdu les signaux de votre décodeur TN5000HD. Afin de pouvoir récupérer la personnalisation et par conséquent les signaux, merci d’allumer décodeur et téléviseur, et rester sur la chaine 7 ARTE durant 30 minutes.
Merci de nous excuser pour la gêne occasionnée.
Which translates as follows:
Dear Client
Following an update, you have lost signal to your TN5000HD. In order to retrieve the settings and therefore the signal, please switch on the receiver and the tv, and leave it on channel 7 Arte for 30 minutes
My  thanks to Benoit for finding this and letting me know.

BeIN Sport Update

If you currently have BeIN sport with your Fransat pack, it is important to upgrade your software NOW! This should be done before the end of April 2018.


The request email from Fransat reads:

In order to fight even more efficiently against piracy, beIN Sport decided to pair cards to receivers or CAMS, while upgrading to high secure CW64bits.

By the end of april 2018, we’ll have to confirm the Chipset ID of the equipment used with the smart card. This information has to come along the brand and model of the receiver or module.

The Chipset can be found on the backside of the modules (Neotion & Smit), or for fransat receivers, by consulting the corresponding menu.

How to get the chipset_id ?

1. If you have a Viaccess Secure (Neotion or SMIT) module, the chipset number can be found on the back label
neotion chipset

2. If you have a FRANSAT receiver, the information is usually in the menu “information on the receiver” or “Via Eutelsat” or “smart card, then identification STB”

Please reply directly to this email and complete the 3 following fields:


Chipset ID

Trade mark


TF1 Channel to cease broadcasting on TNT due to break down in fees Agreement

After 18 months of talks to agree fees, between TF1 and Canal+ , a stalemate has been reached and Canal+ will now cease to carry ie broadcast the TF1 channel.

TNT sat and Canalsat are both affected, so don’t worry, your receiver and card is not at fault.

In a press release Canal+ announced “it was terminating the distribution of the TF1 group’s channels because it could not reach a commercial agreement with the group, whose “unreasonable and unfounded financial requirements”

The TF1 group includes the channels TF1, TMC, TFX, TF1 Séries Films, LCI and their associated services, so expect that these channels will not be back on air until an agreement is reached.

Previously the TF1 group provided the services free, but now want to charge a fee. Canal plus is refusing to pay their fees and it has sued the TF1 Group before the Paris Commercial Court to contest its claims. In 2017 it  filed an appeal with the Conseil d’État against the CSA’s decision to simplify the renewal of the TF1 agreement that the latter had announced its intention to change  its method of financing.

TF1 is accused of abusing its power, it was granted the national frequencies and  number one slot in French tv public domain and extensions for all its other channels. Plus as it enjoys these benefits and has regulatory advantages specific to free channels re the broadcasting of big sporting events for example the Football world cup. Canal Plus are contending that it is the viewers who will suffer under this unreasonable demand.

Update 9th March:

The French ministry of culture has demanded that Canal+  resume its distribution of TF1 by TNT satellite as there are at least  one and a half million French households which can only view  the channel by satellite.

Viewers in France who receive via aerial ( terrestrial )  meanwhile have seen TF1 move from its regular no1  channel to number 51 as standby frequencies are brought in to fill demand while the broadcasters fight it out.




Fransat Cards Change Encryption in December 2017

The process of updating the encryption used on the standard Fransat HD cards comes to an end in December, it has been in progress since May.

You may be faced with a blank screen now or soon, the process of updating the cards has actually been going on since may 2017.

For newer cards ( 05 type or 06 type ) all that is required is to take it out and re-insert, the process will then automatically update it and viewing usually starts soon after.

For older (  04 type ) cards , you will have to purchase a new card, as these are now incompatible with the changes.


To check it, enter your card number in the popup on the home page of the Fransat official website

Unfortunately the Fransat website or French Dealers are not allowed to sell out of French territory. For my own customers – please email me after applying the above test.  CLICK  THIS LINK TO GO TO FRANSAT.FR

Russian Channel to Launch RT France in December 2017

RT , originally Russia Today, is to launch its French service , based in Boulogne Billancourt just outside Paris, as a satellite and terrestrial channel this coming month.  The service is Mpeg4 ( HD )

Update: RT frequency on the Astra 1 (TNT) satellite : 11376 s/r 22000 , the  English HD and Spanish HD services from RT are on the same frequency. All channels FTA free to air

On the Eutelsat ( Fransat) Satellite frequency is 11595 s/r 29950 HD  it is also FTA.

RT will no doubt be providing their usual “interesting mix” and Russian slant on French Affairs on the new channel. Xenia Fedorova the President of RT France commented: “France is a country with a storied legacy of respect for the freedom of expression and embrace of new ideas. We have created a platform dedicated to profiling the widest range of opinions in France and beyond”

Certainly Mr Macron, outspoken critic of RT during his election campaign will have more to say on RTs reporting, especially on the RT website…. keep watching!

Free French channels finishing from Eutelsat

Oh Dear, more bad news!

for all those with FTA ( free to air) receivers, your favourite channels France 2, 3 and 4 are  to finish in mid November this year.

The announcement came at the end of October, bringing to an end the free reception of these channels going back to the analogue transmissions pre 2011 and to TPS back in 2002 .  The channels will go between 16th and 22nd  of November 2016.

So, if you currently rely on these Free channels from Eutelsat 5w ( formerly known as Atlantic Bird 3 ) what can you do?

Channels affected: France 2, France 3, France 4, France ô and LCP

The solution if you just require French channels, would be to purchase a Fransat HD receiver.


If you require multi language reception, for example Italian, Spanish, German …. as well as the French channels, it will certainly be more difficult, as the current cam units are NOT suitable for STB  ( set top box ) type receivers, but will work in some recent tv receivers. Due to piracy the encryption  has been upgraded, due to rights issues the encryption now includes cam functions, most importantly recordings. The result is, they have made it as hard as possible to use anything but an original Fransat box.

To a degree, the Fransat receivers can be used to tune in other satellites, but organising the resulting channels is very limited. Some STBs from Fransat are better than others and I’ll be  testing out the various models and reporting here as time goes on. The Humax for example is looking like the best so far.

One point to watch is firmware/software updates. Like Skyboxes, updates completely wipe out any customisation you have made to your Fransat box, so its important to make a note exactly how you retune , to gain back your Italian or Spanish etc. after the update has been completed.  This generally will come down to noting which port on your dish switch ( diseqc switch) is connected to which LNB. Once that has been set up, tuning ” recherche globale” is fairly easy.  Use the favourite selection system to store the non french channels.

Fransat France5 No Sound Problem Solved

Engineers at Fransat have found the mysterious no-sound  problem, only on the France 5 channel over the last few weeks, details are not available but it has now been rectified. france5

Thanks to the few customers who emailed in about this.