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Canal+ TF1 dispute blacks out TNT broadcasts

What’s it all about? Why have several major channels been blacked out on the TNT satellite service since the beginning of September this year, across France and the UK. It is a dispute between the broadcaster Canal+ and Channel TF1, which is demanding increased fees for its programming.

Canal Plus warned that it would no longer carry TF1 channels after they announced that they would “fundamentally review” their commercial demands. The TF1 group of channels affected are some of the most popular viewing for many French people across France and the UK:

TF1, TFX, TF1 Series Films, TMC and LCI.

Over 2 million viewers are affected, who receive the channels by satellite, those using the terrestrial service or the satellite Fransat are unaffected.

In the resulting Paris Commercial court battle it is reported that Canal Plus said that TF1 had asked for “very substantial remuneration” for it’s free-to-air channels: TF1, TMC, TFX, TF1 Séries Films and LCI, however the court ruled on 22nd September that Canal+ did not have to comply with their demands.

Canal+ stated that they would resume broadcasting on TNTsat as soon as TF1 allows them to do so, at no cost, as per previous agreement.

TF1 has suffered its second significant blow in the space of a week, with the Paris Commercial Court ruling against it and the M6 – TF1 merger plans resulting in failure.

TF1 group is appealing the court’s decision, meanwhile, the viewers wait!