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Fransat Card Updates 2019

All Fransat Customers...

Please check your Fransat Card now!  If you have the latest card PC6 no action is required.  If you have the PC5 Card you need to update to the latest version PC6 before 15th April or you will not be able to view your Fransat channels.

The reason for the update is to bring all decoders up to date with the latest Viaccess Secure encryption type VO (Orca). After 15th April support for the old encryption “viaccess” will be switched off.

The serial numbers of the cards that need to be changed are between

333 53 XX XXX  and 333 58 XX XXX.    ( X is any number )

The cards expiring clearly state the issue PC5   also the old encryption type “Viaccess” , is now updated with “VO  or Viaccess Orca” encryption, on the PC6 cards , which has been better able to stop the card hackers.

It looks like Fransat have decided to go for the same 4 year model as TNT , so in future all cards will need to be renewed on a 4 year basis. 

Cards will be available from us, drop me an email at

or via our contact form on