Installing French satellite tv in the Uk

TNT PIN Code Override

The very popular SRT 7404 model from Strong , simple to use, but if you need to do a factory reset for any reason – data corrupted, dish setup changed, box will not operate – then you will need the PIN

This is normally set when you first install, but if its been forgotten, just enter this master PIN:


Enter carefully, after 3 incorrect attempts the box will lock you out for 15 mins.

When updating the software on the box over the air (sat) be sure not to interrupt it or power off, a sure way to corrupt the data. Most times a factory reset will restore operation but on occasions it may need s/w upload via the RS port ( Factory job )

If your dish has a diseqc switch , for example Astra 1 ( for TNT ) is on my port 3/4 . To set this up, go to antenna setting , put diseqc 1.0 = 3 and THEN go to quick tune. ( for this to change after first setup you will need the factory reset procedure above.)