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Fransat Cards Change Encryption in December 2017

The process of updating the encryption used on the standard Fransat HD cards comes to an end in December, it has been in progress since May.

You may be faced with a blank screen now or soon, the process of updating the cards has actually been going on since may 2017.

For newer cards ( 05 type or 06 type ) all that is required is to take it out and re-insert, the process will then automatically update it and viewing usually starts soon after.

For older (  04 type ) cards , you will have to purchase a new card, as these are now incompatible with the changes.


To check it, enter your card number in the popup on the home page of the Fransat official website

Unfortunately the Fransat website or French Dealers are not allowed to sell out of French territory. For my own customers – please email me after applying the above test.  CLICK  THIS LINK TO GO TO FRANSAT.FR