Installing French satellite tv in the Uk

Strong SRT 7402 TNT sat review


The Strong 7000 series receivers are a good choice for French channels installation in the UK. They are also very compact measuring just 210mmX 135mm X 40 mm. In fact so small that they provide a  remote ‘eye’, so the box can be put away out of sight, leaving just the sensor to pick up remote control signals

Strong SRT7402_400


The front has a laterally opening flap, under which there is the single card slot for the TNT card only.

Strong SRT7402_card_400

Be sure to insert the card in the receiver first, before tuning. If it doesn’t recognise the card, it may report tuning complete, but result with zero channels!

When complete the TNT channels are sorted, pressing the OK button then displays the list of channels in the usual order. TF1, followed by France 2 and the regional choice for France 3, Canal+ ( when free ) and the other national channels are further down the list.

Picture quality is fine, sync is a little slow to occur on channel change, but many TNT and Fransat boxes seem to exhibit this delay so the Strong is no worse than any other receiver.

Update 2016: Since its introduction the 7402 has proved to be reliable although we have had a couple of remotes fail. They are still available, just ask and i’ll find you the latest price. BE SURE YOU ORDER THE RIGHT MODEL!