Installing French satellite tv in the Uk

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Canal Plus on your TNT box

From the main Canal+ website:-So the CanalPlus channels +Cinema, +Sport, +Family and +Decale ARE available using a Canal Plus card in place of your TNT card , in your TNT receiver BUT signing up for Canal+ is very restricted, you must sign up in France, with a French address.

The Canal Plus channels do show up when tuning in the TNT box ( or any FTA satellite receiver ) so are receiveable anywhere in the Uk.

TNT sat and FranSat card validity

Viewing the set top box suppliers websites it is not immediately clear how long the encryption cards supplied with TNT and FranSat boxes will last. So I took a look at the TNTsat and FranSat websites to get to the facts:

The FranSat cards do not have a limit. Simple!

The TNT cards are initially guaranteed for 4 years. The broadcaster will turn on a reminder screen about 3 months before the card expires.  French residents  can update their cards for 15Euro on the website , for Uk residents I can provide the update or new card for £25. Email with your current card number  –  The new cards will be valid for a further 4 years.

The reason given for the approach that TNT have taken is that the programmes broadcasters only have rights within French territory , wheras the satellites used to broadcast the programmes, can be received throughout Europe.

Updating from Analogue French satellite

Number one tip:- at the very least change the LNB, the old one will be well past its sell by date! The old LNB will have a signal to noise ratio well in excess of any new LNB, even the cheapest available now are just a fraction of the noise figure of the ones from a few years ago. Trying to use an old type, can cause problems when you install your new receiver, with high or low frequencies, drifting or even no channels at all. Ideally change the dish too, modern high accuracy dishes need not be as big as the old analogue dishes. This is true of TNT, FranSat and free channels from France, all over the Uk.

Old analogue LNB

Complete installation service
of your new Fransat or TNT box with new dish and LNB available .

Chinese tv in French

The international main Chinese channel cctv is broadcasting on the Astra1 satellite in French, followers of all things Chinese can view by tuning in to:-

freq 15538 Vertical s/r 22000 5/6

any receiver including the TNT sat, will be able to view this channel, not the Fransat though, that is on a different satellite.