Installing French satellite tv in the Uk
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Fransat HD direct on your television

Some televisions with satellite tuners produced today have a Ci slot, making it very simple to add French channels to your home, without the need for a separate Set Top Box.

Fransat cam in tv

The TV MUST have a cam slot  of CI+  standard AND it must be version 1.3 to be capable of decoding the latest card  encryption. Many different  manufacturers produce the Fransat cams, including Neotion, Metronic, Sedea, CGV, Essentiel B and Aston


Neotion Fransat Cam

These CAMs are NOT suitable for any Set Top Box, although there may be some available in the future.

Older cams will not now work with the latest changes to the Fransat encryption.

If you do update your SD  Fransat  box to a HD Fransat box, use the NEW card only, do not try to use the  old Fransat card.