Installing French satellite tv in the Uk


Download the Fransat Manuals

Considering Fransat, but want to know more about the individual receivers?  Now you can download the manual first and check out the features, menus, connections, remote handset etc . These are the 2 Fransat boxes we supply at the moment ( May 2013 )

Globsat Fran

Globsat GS1001  standard definitionGlobsat GS1001 fran



Aston Diva Premium High Definition manuel-utilisateur-diva-hd-premium

Click on the links to download.

Bis Added to Fransat Card

If you currently have a Fransat box and card, but would like the BIS channels as  well, there is now an option to update your Fransat card with the BIS card ‘rights’. So without a physical BIS card , you can use the Fransat system to get both sets of channels.

This is a big advantage to users with single card slot boxes, no need to update the box, just email me to arrange to add BIS rights to your existing Fransat card.


BIS channels are available from Hotbird ( Eutelsat 13) AND Eutelsat 5w ( ex Atlantic Bird satellite ) so whichever your dish is pointing at, if you have a Fransat or satellite receiver  with a Viaccess decoder, BIS can be available to you.

Our current favourite Fransat box, the Aston Diva Premium HD, has 2 card slots, so you can sign up for BIS, anytime after installation, with a BIS card or with rights transfer.


Have a Joyeux Noel !

If you can’t be in France with Family this Christmas, enjoy a few Christmas programmes on the telly with a French Satellite Installation! Watch the celebrations” Le Réveillon” mass”,  le fête de lumiere”s in Lyon,  “La fête des Rois ” in the new year and hope not to meet Père Fouettard !

Father Christmas

Get French satellite tv for Christmas

I can install many different French tv installations, from only £280 depending on channels required and location, email me with your post code for an estimate or for a quote, go to the main website , get your coordinates and tell me your requirements  – TF1 + M6 or France 2,3,5,0 Arte, TNT, Fransat or All french channels listed on the French Page


New Fransat CAM

For satellite viewers with multi satellite dishes and receivers, a new option to include the standard French channels TF1, M6, France 2,3,4,5 etc , without changing your receiver….Cam for Fransat

This gets around the problem of having to purchase a new receiver just for the main French channels

Update July 2016.

This cam has now been replaced, the current cams do not work in set top boxes

Wisi Fransat receiver

The model currently supplied for FranSat tv, is the Wisi OR03. Putting the card in the slot, in the lower half of the box, unlike previous models the card is visible, as it does not have a cover. It should be placed in the slot with the bar-code and word “FRANSAT” upwards. Don’t forget to only insert the card after checking that the dish is correctly aligned and after checking on a free channel like TV5 monde.

The only disappointing feature is the favourites list , despite the instructions saying that multiple lists can be created, I could not find the onscreen ICON to do this, which is probably an oversight in the user book, maybe an alternative model has this feature. Anyway with careful choice when storing your favourite channels, a satisfactory arrangement of channels can be made in the single available favourite list.

When in standby the Wisi displays the time and the channel number when switched on and working.

The one feature missing from the previous Fransat offerings ,which is a great boost for those wanting to see these channels in another room, as well as where the box is installed, is that the Wisi has an on-board modulator. It can put the picture signal on an aerial cable link to the second room, where the signal can be tuned into an analogue channel. Any tv should work, even the most recent of tvs still retain the old analogue standard tuners. After installation and tuning of the box, the modulator should be adjusted to Uk tv standards “PAL I” otherwise there will be no sound.

If you want the Wisi receiver cabling to an existing aerial distribution amplifier, this can be arranged, but dont forget to ask me before the day of installation as there is a fair amount of work involved.

The Wisi OR03 receiver was well made, the remote was quite responsive and the picture quality very good via both scart lead and modulator.

TNT sat and FranSat card validity

Viewing the set top box suppliers websites it is not immediately clear how long the encryption cards supplied with TNT and FranSat boxes will last. So I took a look at the TNTsat and FranSat websites to get to the facts:

The FranSat cards do not have a limit. Simple!

The TNT cards are initially guaranteed for 4 years. The broadcaster will turn on a reminder screen about 3 months before the card expires.  French residents  can update their cards for 15Euro on the website , for Uk residents I can provide the update or new card for £25. Email with your current card number  –  The new cards will be valid for a further 4 years.

The reason given for the approach that TNT have taken is that the programmes broadcasters only have rights within French territory , wheras the satellites used to broadcast the programmes, can be received throughout Europe.

New Visiosat satellite receiver

New VisioSat TNT 7600 model

For those whose main interest is French, but would also like to view other broadcasts from continental Europe. The 7600 from Visiosat is multi satellite capable and can tune in free channels from Germany, Italy, Spain as well as France

With a dish installed with 2 LNBs , viewers in most of the Uk can now use this box for the main TNT channels. It has a standard Eutelsat DISEQC system, that we can use to make the receiver choose the correct satellite automatically when changing channel.

As well as Italian, German, Spanish, and even Russian and Polish free channels!

The TNT 7600 has a very simple to program Favourite group system, one easy way to separate channels using this , is to save by Language. There are sufficient groups to save Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish and Uk channels in separate groups.

With a 2 LNB dish, you can expect over 800 free to watch channels in total, from all the countries broadcasting in Europe and the Middle East.

Get French tv Channels here in the Uk

I would like to introduce you to my company Satellite TV Europe which specialises  in French and other European language broadcasts. We install dishes and receivers capable of high quality digital pictures from all the main french broadcasters.

If you want just the Free channels, or  TNT, BIS or Fransat systems, we have everything in stock including  the special TNT and Fransat HD boxes  ready to install for you. France broadcasts from 2 main satellites giving TNT or Fransat. There is the third option , most of the major channels TF1, M6, Fr2,Fr3, Fr5 and Arte are available free, without card or special box, the dish though is more complex as it collects signals from up to 4 different satellites to achieve this. One advantage of this “Free Channels” system is that channels from neighbouring Germany, Italy and Spain are also available and make for interesting viewing.

We are mainly asked for free channels but for customers wanting the subscription channels too we have links with a French company which will supply the popular BIS viewing cards for the ‘panorama’ pay per view channels inc. TF1 probably the most popular of channels from France. We can supply the BIS card when ordering a satellite installation, at a great discount compared with our competitors, currently 99 Euros. Now the French freeview channels are available from TNT at a one off price when ordering an installation ( with special TNT receiver ) or from the other French broadcast satellite – Atlantic Bird, from FranSat with the FranSat viewing card and box.

We can install anywhere in the Uk. We would be happy to quote , so please email  with your location. I have installed in Bristol, Exeter London, Swansea, Anglesey Edinburgh, Aberdeen and just about everywhere in between!

Satellite TV from Frances main channels is mainly from two satellites – Atlantic Bird 3 situated at 5 degrees West ,and Astra 1 which is at 19 degrees East. There are also French regional channels on other satellites. This means you have plenty of choice of channels and where installation is blocked or difficult there is usually an alternative angle for the dish. For the ultimate choice why not have a special dish capable of receiving all 4  satellites. Our ‘multi satellite′ dish is capable of receiving from a very wide angle.

To see some of the channels available from France by satellite go to main satellite site

For those wanting both Sky and foreign broadcasts you can if you wish combine them using the multi3 dish. So that Sky and the French broadcasts can be received at the same time, maybe in different rooms or fed to a recorder for viewing later.

If you have need for other language broadcasts then a motorised satellite dish is the answer, the ultimate in sheer numbers of channels receivable, a motor system can log in some 5000 channels when installed, of which over half are viewable free ( FTA free to air ) and the others require various subscription cards to view.

To checkout the prices and to order go to the French channels page and click the FRANCE1, FRANCE2,MULTI  OR MOTOR buttons

Students of language , Colleges and schools can make use of these services too , we install multi room setups in a number of different formats to suit all needs.

Receivers – for the free French channels our main receivers are the Technomate HD range,  which have proved themselves very capable in fixed dish and motorised dish installations, the remote can be operated in two modes FAVourites or SATellite mode. In favourite mode, a user may save a list of favourite channels under his own name eg. Andys Fav. other users may have their own lists. In Satellite mode, the user simply selects the satellite with left/right keys , and channel with the Up /down keys. The receiver will take most major subscriptions cards without an additional CAM unit. For the TNT channels we now have both TNT and Fransat boxes in stock.

Our installer Andrew, always spends some time after installation to make sure the customer is familiar enough with the equipment to navigate to the desired channel and can operate it with any existing equipment like a Sky box, Tv, video or disc recorders and Hi Fi.


French tv: the choices

There are now quite a few ways to get French Tv, firstly the free channels , broadcast from 3 satellites , the subscription channels broadcasting on 2 satellites and now TNT, the french ‘freeview’ system broadcasting on Astra 1.

For anyone previously on TPS, the easiest way to update is to purchase the BIS card, the dish can remain in its current position and your current receiver with Viaccess slot should take the new viewing card

New viewers to french tv should have a look at the free channels available on the main satellite web sites

The channels from the BIS card, which is a 12 month subscription are to be found on the same page in a pink background.

Best of all ( in your humble reviewers opinion ) is the TNT and FranSat packages, for a one-off payment, you have most of  the same channels as the BIS card but no yearly renewal, TNT are saying the card will be valid for 4 years – quite a bargain! On the downside a special receiver is required, no CAM has yet been made to allow other receivers to be used. There are receivers from Strong, Visiosat and Sagem for normal SD use.

Even better, go for an HD receiver like the Aston and you benefit from the recently introduced HD channels Arte, France2, TF1 and M6.

Now up and running is the new FranSat service. It carries exactly the same channel line up as TNT. Because historically France has had 2 satellites delivering the programming, this second ‘free’ digital broadcast service has been put into operation for the many viewers already having a dish set up for 5 degrees West. Not yet established fully into the commercial centres you may get a few blank looks when you ask for a Fransat set top box! But it will soon be available everywhere in France. Here in the Uk they are still quite expensive compared with the TNT offerings. It would be a good choice for anyone with an obstruction in the way of the TNT 19 degree satellite, as it comes from 5 degrees west.

The last option is to buy a Canal sat ( Canal+) card, lots of subscription channels on this card and quite a price ( approx £850 ) for the year. Also a receiver with CAM slot is required and a Seca3/Nagra3 CAM at about £90 . To add to the complexity of ordering an Official French address is needed before you can subscribe.

If you wish to order or to discuss installation please ring me 07756 482 669 or preferrably email me at