Installing French satellite tv in the Uk

PC7 Cards are here

Yes its changeover time yet again. If you get a message on screen saying …

Then check with Fransat to see if it has expired, go to CARD CHECK

Note : Jan 2022, PC7 is the new card type

Currently I can supply old customers @ £60 and new customers @ £80

Please give your installation invoice number. IF you no longer have the invoice just email me.

Fransat, for reasons of maintaining security from piracy and broadcasting rights, use a system requiring a change of card every 4 years. In this way they can change the electronics of the card used and integrate the latest secure methods.

Its just a pity that the French do not simply adopt an FTA (free to air) policy like UK Freesat, Germany, Turkey and others, where the signals are unencrypted, equipment costs are minimized and legitimate viewers from those countries living abroad can see their programmes without jumping through so many hoops.

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