Installing French satellite tv in the Uk

TF1 to get France’s First UHD Channel

French Channels with UHD 4k

The following are established 4k channels running programmes ( rather than demo channels ) 

Europe’s UHD Channels

There is a slow movement towards 4k TV throughout Europe. Italy has RAI 4k, Germany has several channels 

  • UHD 1
  • Pro 7 UHD Austria
  • Sky Sport Bundesliga
  • Sky Sport 
  • QVC and QVC2
  • SES demo

Since 4k Tvs appeared in the High Street stores, around 2017, HD has been slipping down in market share, 4k has been gaining and by 2019 passed the 50% mark (in Germany passed the 75% ) of all new TV sales.

Picture quality attracts viewers, many Netflix customers go for the premium HD content, for example. Advertisers follow the same trend, quality allows them to sell more goods. And so the cycle goes around. 

The retention rate of customers is also higher, so broadcasters that adopt the new 4k systems early, get better customers and higher advertising rates.

World First 8k TV network

NHK the Japanese company became the first to launch the experimental 8k channel back in 2017, on the Eutelsat 12w satellite. For the tech readers they use DVB s2x modulation in 16APSK and HEVC encoding.

The resolution is 7680 pixels over 4320 lines !! with 10 billion colour depth !!

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