Installing French satellite tv in the Uk

Spending Cuts mean an end to France Ô and France 4


Economies of 190 million Euros by the end of 2022 have been set for French Public broadcasting. The cuts, fall mainly on France Televisions (160 million Euro) The first victims will be The Overseas Channel France Ô currently on Channel 27 and France 4 which will be removed from the TNT line up, during 2019.

Younger viewers are moving to online video and web based entertainment, the focus groups report , headed by The Minister of Culture Françoise Nyssen who presented the plan back in July this year, its first tracks to reform the public broadcasting, including the strengthening of regional programs or the switchover of France 4 into an all digital format.

The Overseas France Ô channels programming will be concentrated on the other main channels and France Televisions will maintain a budget of 10 million Euros for their overseas co- productions


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