Installing French satellite tv in the Uk

French Satellite goes All HD in April 2016

In April 2016 all TNT and Fransat broadcasts will be in MPEG4 standard . Completion date is set to 25th April, so make sure you are up to date before then.

This means you will need an  HD receiver to carry on watching your TNT or Fransat channels. Those of you with my Free channel packages using the Multi lnb dishes will be unaffected.

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Strong HD TNT and Fransat receivers – recommended


I don’t know if my box is HD?

  1. If there is no HDMI tv socket on the back, it will be SD and you need a new box
  2. Turn to TF1  – If the TF1 logo is  on the RIGHT side of the screen , it is already in HD. If not, you need to purchase a new HD box.

Will the dish need changing?

No the dish needs no attention, as long as you have a good signal ,it will work with the new HD Mpeg4 boxes.

My TV is the old “standard definition” will I be able to watch after the change over?

YES all of the HD boxes I supply have the SD scart socket as well as the new HDMI socket for the televisions

Which Channels  are Affected?

All 25 National channels will change to Mpeg4 / HD

How can I order  a new box?

Use the contact me form – tell me if you require TNT or Fransat and i’ll send you a list of the current best receivers and prices including postage. You can pay online. Your box will be sent out directly.

I’m not technical – How will I set up my new box?

Don’t worry, in 99% of cases, you simply switch it on and follow the on-screen prompts. For most viewers the default answer will get you back up and viewing perfectly. I will provide any help you need by email or phone.

8 Responses to French Satellite goes All HD in April 2016

  • Clare Foster says:

    Hi, I have bought a Philips digital terrestrial television recorder HDTP8530. at present we use a Sky digibox, but I want to able to record programs and that is why I bought the new Philips box. Since I have got it home and plugged it in it powers up gives a list of prompts to follow on the screen but can’t find any channels using the aerial that finds all the channels in the Sky digibox. Please can you tell me what I have done wrong? Any advice will be very gratefully received.
    From a sad TV viewer 🙁

    • Andrew says:

      Sorry Clare but you cannot receive French tv by aerial ( terrestrial) only by satellite. Your Philips is meant only for aerial reception in UK if it has the Freeview badge on it.

      To receive France you need either:
      A dish on Astra satellite and a TNT HD receiver and card
      A dish on the Eutelsat satellite and a Fransat receiver and card.

      To make the right choice please click the “Quote Me” button on the home page , ( watch the video first to understand the coordinates question )

  • Karine chaussoy says:


    I have a TNT strong SRT 6420 tv box and was told that French tv was switching to High Definition. Could you tell me how much an HD box is going to cost me?

    Kind regards,


  • Elsa Calvo says:

    I have a Grundig tv with integrated tuners and CI+ CAM slot. I have satellite dish pointing at Astra 19.2E and Hotbird 13.0E on which I receive Arte HD. I would like to receive the rest of the French channels but am unsure of which CAM and card I need.

    Please advise.
    Many thanks

    • Andrew says:

      Unfortunately there is no TNT cam, you will have to either, buy the Fransat cam for the TV – (make sure the TV cam slot is CI+ 1.3 version or it may not work.) and move the dish round to 5 deg West or buy a Fransat HD set top box and do the same with the dish.

  • Chris Reid says:

    Hi, sorry for bothering you. To replace my old SD Fransat I box bought a CI+1.3 (including hd card)module for my Samsung TV( built in Sat tuner) all appears to work ok but I am missing half the HD channels, M6 Arte,5 etc , I had no issues with my old SD setup, I still get the sd pages for the missing channels informing me that I need to change over to HD, any ideas?

    • Andrew says:

      You should be able to retune, but it depends on the tuning menu you have. The list of transponders ( frequencies and symbol rates ) in your tv may be out of date, so you need to either put the new data in by hand, or if there is the facility to “blind” search , use that. Then it should search for all the new frequencies automatically and will restore the full channel list. If you need the frequency list , to input by hand, you can find the required numbers here

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