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TF1 Channel to cease broadcasting on TNT due to break down in fees Agreement

After 18 months of talks to agree fees, between TF1 and Canal+ , a stalemate has been reached and Canal+ will now cease to carry ie broadcast the TF1 channel.

TNT sat and Canalsat are both affected, so don’t worry, your receiver and card is not at fault.

In a press release Canal+ announced “it was terminating the distribution of the TF1 group’s channels because it could not reach a commercial agreement with the group, whose “unreasonable and unfounded financial requirements”

The TF1 group includes the channels TF1, TMC, TFX, TF1 Séries Films, LCI and their associated services, so expect that these channels will not be back on air until an agreement is reached.

Previously the TF1 group provided the services free, but now want to charge a fee. Canal plus is refusing to pay their fees and it has sued the TF1 Group before the Paris Commercial Court to contest its claims. In 2017 it  filed an appeal with the Conseil d’État against the CSA’s decision to simplify the renewal of the TF1 agreement that the latter had announced its intention to change  its method of financing.

TF1 is accused of abusing its power, it was granted the national frequencies and  number one slot in French tv public domain and extensions for all its other channels. Plus as it enjoys these benefits and has regulatory advantages specific to free channels re the broadcasting of big sporting events for example the Football world cup. Canal Plus are contending that it is the viewers who will suffer under this unreasonable demand.

Update 9th March:

The French ministry of culture has demanded that Canal+  resume its distribution of TF1 by TNT satellite as there are at least  one and a half million French households which can only view  the channel by satellite.

Viewers in France who receive via aerial ( terrestrial )  meanwhile have seen TF1 move from its regular no1  channel to number 51 as standby frequencies are brought in to fill demand while the broadcasters fight it out.




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